Written by:
Charmaine, 17
years old (Grade 7 Theory Distinction, O Level Music A1, Pursuing DipABRSM Performance)

I first got to know Miss Chiang in PLMGSS. She was my O level music teacher, and  I remember her being a knowledgeable and understanding teacher as she took on all our questions, one by one, patiently explaining to us whatever we did not understand. She was not only a teacher who disciplined us when needed, but also a kind and caring friend who would lend a helping hand.
Later in the year, I started looking for a new piano teacher and since Miss Chiang was already my teacher in school, naturally she came in mind. I feel that Miss Chiang is unique as a teacher in the way she teaches because not only does she understand what her students do not understand, she points out the problems and prompt them to solve it first themselves before offering her solutions. She engages her students in independent learning in the sense that she does not merely "spoon feed" them in their interpretation of a piece, rather she gives freedom and space to students to encourage them to develop their own style in performance.
There was one period when I was fully pre-occupied with my studies and I had no time for piano at all. Instead of chiding me, she listened to my ramblings and 'excuses', and even empathized with me. However, the advice she gave made me realise that I had to perfect my pieces still, and that really motivated me a lot.
All in all, Miss Chiang is that inspirational, motivational, caring yet at the same time, professional teacher whom I respect very much.


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Chiang Chiew Hui (FTCL, LTCL, LRSM)
pianoforte@babeypaws.com 2008