Written by:
Cindy, adult student and mother of 11
-year-old Darsha (Grade 3 Distinction),
9-year-old Didymus (Grade 2) and 6-year-old Darius

My three kids, including myself are students of Ms Chiang.

Let me briefly share how we became her students.

Sometime in June 2006, my two older kids, Darsha (age 11) and Didymus (age 9) expressed their desire to take up piano lessons.  That started my search for a piano teacher.  Being a novice, I was ignorant of what to look for in a piano teacher.  So I sent them to a music school in the east as the operator claimed that they have the BEST piano teachers to do individual coaching.  After attending piano lessons there for 3 months, my kids could only play simple pieces and playing with only ONE hand.  Sigh! My husband and I felt we were shortchanged and decided to withdraw them from the school. 

We were very thankful to our brother who recommended Ms Chiang to us.  So, my two older kids started attending her lesson in mid-November 2006.  And you know what?  No regrets from that day onwards!

Barely 3 lessons, my kids were able to play with BOTH hands CONFIDENTLY.  They were excited and looked forward to every Ms Chiang’s piano lesson.  Their enthusiasms infected my youngest son, Darius, who turned 5 in May 2007.  He too wanted to learn to play piano.  So, we signed him up with Ms Chiang. As for myself, seeing my kids come home and enjoy playing the piano, I wanted to share the joy of learning with them, so I became her student in July 2007, perhaps the oldest student of hers. 

My kids and I are very fortunate to have found a good piano teacher.  Indeed, Ms Chiang has all the qualities a good piano teacher ought to have. 

She is a professional player herself, and she plays also other musical instrument. 

She is knowledgeable and  well-versed in her music field.  She is a very motivating person.  She would try her best to plan strategies to motivate her students to practice, listen, express and create.  She is a very responsible and understanding teacher.  She is sensitive to the needs of her students.  For example, during my girl’s preparation for her grade 3 practical exam, when she sensed Darsha was stressed, she helped her to relax by giving her a break to play other non-examinable pieces .  That was really very sweet of her.    She is also friendly and easy to talk too.  She gives honest feedback about my kids’ progress and would discuss how we could help my kids to improve in their learning.

My daughter sat for Grade 3 Practical Exam in March this year and had obtained a distinction.  No one can deny that she has helped my kid to excel. This is an evident in her result.   

Last but not least, Ms Chiang has created confidence in me to know my kids are in good hands of a devoted, patient, caring and loving piano teacher.

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Chiang Chiew Hui (FTCL, LTCL, LRSM)
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