From Mrs Lee Siew Choo, Principal of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' Secondary School (PLMGS)

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Cindy, adult student and mother of 11-year-old Darsha (Grade 3 Distinction),
9-year-old Didymus (Grade 2) and 6-year-old Darius

"My daughter sat for Grade 3 Practical Exam in March this year and had obtained a distinction.
No one can deny that (Ms Chiang) has helped my kid to excel. This is an evident in her result.
Ms Chiang has created confidence in me to know my kids are in good hands of a
devoted, patient, caring and loving piano teacher." (more...)

Charmaine, 17 years old
(Grade 7 Theory Distinction - Recipient of Hedy King Robinson Award for Excellence in Music Theory,
O Level Music A1, DipABRSM Performance)

"(Ms Chiang) was not only a teacher who disciplined us when needed,
but also a kind and caring friend who would lend a helping hand. ...
She engages her students in independent learning... (and) gives freedom and space
to students to encourage them to develop their own style in performance...
All in all, Miss Chiang is that inspirational, motivational, caring yet at the same time,
professional teacher whom I respect very much." (more...)

Li Wee, adult student

"(Chiew Hui) made me feel comfortable and relaxed.
I discussed my objectives with her and she tailored the lessons according to my needs.
I am looking forward to the day when I can take my daughter for lessons together,
as I strongly believe she will benefit greatly from Chiew Hui, like what her mother did." (more...)

Amy, mother of 11-year-old Deborah (Grade 2 Merit, now Grade 4)
and 8-year-old Elizabeth

"I asked the girls (Deborah and Elizabeth) what's the impression they have of you.
Both gave the same reply although they were asked at a different time and without the presence of the other.
Their answer was "Kind".
I thought you were very systematic and thorough in planning for the child's progress.
What impresses me was when you shared that you would not schedule
any exam for Deb when she reaches Primary 6."

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